Our Team

Annie Blackwood has dedicated her career to mastering the art of coats and jackets, becoming a trusted voice for anyone seeking advice on outerwear. Her journey began with a deep fascination for textiles and fashion, which evolved into a passion for understanding the intricate details of coat and jacket design, care, and functionality.

Growing up in a family that valued quality craftsmanship, Annie developed an eye for detail and a love for well-made garments. This early exposure inspired her to explore the world of outerwear more deeply, learning from experienced tailors, designers, and industry professionals. Over the years, she amassed a wealth of knowledge about different fabrics, insulation materials, and the best practices for maintaining and storing coats and jackets.

Annie’s expertise covers a wide range of topics, from winter coat care and jacket style guides to raincoat tips and warmth layers. She is dedicated to helping people understand the nuances of choosing the right outerwear for their needs, ensuring they stay warm, dry, and stylish in any weather. Her practical advice and insightful tips have helped countless individuals make informed decisions about their coats and jackets, extending the life of their outerwear and enhancing their overall comfort.

In addition to her hands-on experience, Annie has a talent for breaking down complex information into easy-to-understand advice, making her guidance accessible to everyone. Whether it’s teaching the best methods for removing stains from delicate fabrics or explaining how to layer effectively for maximum warmth, Annie’s approachable style and clear instructions have made her a go-to resource for outerwear enthusiasts.

Annie believes that a good coat is more than just a piece of clothing—it’s an investment in comfort and confidence. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and helping others navigate the often overwhelming world of outerwear. Through her detailed guides and practical solutions, Annie empowers people to take better care of their coats and jackets, ensuring they look and feel their best in any season.

Join Annie Blackwood on a journey to discover the secrets of exceptional outerwear, and let her expertise guide you in finding and maintaining the perfect coat or jacket for every occasion.

Email: annie@thiscoatandthatjacket.com